S3 Power’s owner and founder Jim Swansey began his illustrious career in 1985 as a jet propulsion technician for the United States Air Force. Upon completion of his military service in 1990, Jim worked for a power and control systems company, installing and commissioning digital turbine controls as well as the electrical distribution systems associated with them. He then progressed into a managerial role for a major electrical testing firm.

S3 Power Bucket Truck

Eleven years later Jim accepted a full-time position as an instrumentation and controls technician for a municipal electric utility. Simultaneously, he consulted for many small businesses, providing electrical testing services, with a vision to starting his own company. S3 Thermal Imaging was fully operational by 2002, and immediately began delivering exceptional and reliable infrared testing services to numerous clients.

The company evolved and expanded its scope and S3 Power currently provides testing services to a wide range of industries including switchgear manufacturers, major financial institutions, and commercial real estate groups. The company has the capability to handle any project, whether for your small business or your Fortune 500 Company. S3 Power performs testing using only the highest quality equipment, while continuously updating the level of training to comply with the most current standards of professional excellence.

Jim’s extensive knowledge and experience has earned him great respect, and he has become one of the most sought-after testing professionals in the industry. When it comes to electrical testing, power generation control systems, and preventative maintenance, S3 Power delivers exceptional assessment and diagnostic capabilities, ensuring safe and reliable solutions. S3 Power inspires confidence in their clients by offering real solutions in real time.