S3 Power can provide site acceptance testing of distributed generation electrical appartus, ie: Transformers, Switches, Relays,Cabling, etc. Upon the completion of acceptance testing, S3 can provide witness testing services to the connecting utility (Nstar, Ngrid, WMECO). This includes the preparation of detailed test plans submitted to utility for approval, as well as the execution of the testing, the final in service testing and completion of the documentation package.


S3’s Protective Relay Testing has the accuracy and sophistication demanded by the protective requirements of the primary feeder circuits as well as the larger electrical equipment. Abnormalities can be sensed, and problems isolated, with minimal disturbance to the electrical system and the least... More


Crucial to the functionality of electrical systems from a safety and operational standpoint, these tests provide our clients with confidence that their systems will perform securely and efficiently. S3 has the experience and equipment to help your organization run smoothly. Circuit Breaker Testing... More


S3 recognizes that verifying protective settings and functionality is essential, regardless of your industry or the size of your company. Commissioning encompasses the setup, calibration, adjustment, and tuning of your system, ensuring equipment will perform according to its design and... More


S3 Power utilizes the most advanced, high-definition infrared imaging equipment currently available. S3 Power’s entirely non-invasive testing has made it both popular and versatile for a number of industries. Thermal scanning and analysis can pinpoint potentially troublesome hot spots in electrical... More